We all need to Retreat from our home hearth and environment, into the unknown. It creates vitality, excitement, newness, and magic. It takes us out of our mundane, allowing our spirits to soar and see new perspectives, creating expansion and space.

If you are looking to create an occasion or celebration with reverence and meaning, a Ceremonial Retreat with your beloved family and friends for a special marker in your life, we are here to host, hold, facilitate and guide you! 

Creating a balanced and memorable Retreat for all, designed to your desires, with elements of fun, relaxation, ceremony, nature immersions, craft and awesome meals.

  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Rite of Passage
  • Ceremony, for young or elder
  • Honouring Circle for Sacred Union Couples and friends
  • Birthing Honouring Circle for new life to come
  • Sister or Brother Circles
  • Rest & Recovery Retreat


All RETREATS  are facilitated and hosted by myself, Great Mother Eagle Song, and my beloved husband, EagleHeart PeaceWalker.

ALL ARE WELCOME!  Private Groups, Couples, Family Circles and Sacred Circles of Men and Women.

WE DESIGN A RETREAT for you over a weekend, or longer, which includes Ceremonies on the land, shamanic practices and offerings, crafts, sharing circles, breath-work, labyrinth and mountain walks, high vibrational vegetarian/vegan meals.

CEREMONIAL OFFERINGS; Rites of Passage for young ones, Rites of Passage for Elders, Intimate Sacred Union Gatherings, Rest & Recovery Retreats, Birth Honouring Circles, Grieving Circles, to mention a few.

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