About Us

HoZho is a Navajo word meaning “The Beauty Way.”

Our Mission

Our vision and mission is to create as much beauty as we can, within and without, wherever we are, with the gift of our life force and energy.

Wherever we have lived, whether a rented space and now owning our own home, we have left a powerful footprint of beauty on our Sacred Mother Earth, feeding her with our love and creativity. Our ethos is to always leave a sacred space in better condition than we found it. This is the Love we feed the Earth, no matter the environment.

This mission of creating beauty, also through Ceremony and Training, has left a beauty footprint on many hearts we have trained and encountered along the way.

Codes we live by

We talk about the Good Red Road in Native American teachings, which simply means living a good life, in a good way, with deep respect for oneself, others and all of Creation. We walk in  balance and beauty upon our Sacred Mother Earth, restoring harmony and balance within self, family and community.

How do we aim to live this vision?

We live our lives in as much alignment to these Seven Shields, as much as possible.


Speak your truth at all times; whether to self or others.

Knowing that what we say has an effect on everyone.

Being transparent in all that you do.

When we walk with Truth in our Hearts, we are honest with others, and remain in Integrity with others.”


Do the right thing, even against popular opinion.

Become a master of your fears, and still act in the presence of fear.

Become aligned to the truth in your Heart and continually strive for authenticity.

It takes courage and Spiritual maturity to become yourself.”


We can only know something truly by having experienced it.

Transcend your judgements and ego with non-attachment to the outcome.

Consider the outcome of your actions, before acting.

Experience is as much as you can, as this will lead you to knowing yourself more intimately, which will lead you to the wise one within.”


Fulfil your promises and obligations and remain devoted to your word.

Respect yours and others boundaries.

Support the ones you love in as many ways as possible.

Be loyal to yourself and loved ones, through good times and bad times. This allows for forgiveness too, as well as making allowances for mistakes.”


Feel peace within yourself by knowing that there is so much more to know.

Learn from your mistakes.

Remain teachable.

Remember that we are a mere grain of sand on the Cosmic beach of time, with universal laws that are far greater and older than we are. This will keep us humble. This will keep us open.”


Treat yourself and others kindly and compassionately.

Accept people for who they are regardless of colour, creed, culture, religion and opinions.

See the divinity in all living beings.

When we view the world and all beings with love and appreciation, allowing all to have their space on the Sacred Hoop of Life, respect is naturally borne within and without us.”


Love is the Greatest force in the universe.

Intend the best, for yourself and others, in all ways.

Assist others to grow, especially in their weakest moments.

Know that you are deeply loved, by love itself. Knowing this will give you strength and loving deeply will give you courage.”

Myself and my husband, Gordon Aeschliman, have been walking this transformational path for thirteen years now. We have offered much to our Local Community across the board; Organic Garden Feeding Schemes for the most vulnerable children and elderly in Townships, Yoga, Ceremonies, Venue and Facilitation, Youth Groups, and Native American Training for groups of committed individuals.

Michelle Reid

Rev: Great Mother Eagle Song

I am a global sovereign citizen, and a humble daughter of Spirit. I am a Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Student & Teacher. I am 53 years old and am blessed with a 19 year old daughter, as well as a loving husband, amazing family and friends, and five furmily friends and companions.

I am a Sinner and a Saint;. A Teacher and a Student. I have lived a full and wild adventurous life, filled with trauma and joy. Over the last two decades I have found a path that has deepened with forgiveness, growth, grace and deep personal transformation. I have lived in many incarnations in this one single life, and created many projects, embracing many deaths and rebirths into greater versions of self.

I am a Minister at ChurchoftheEarth.org, trained in Ceremonial Practices in the Native American teachings of the Okanogan Lineage. I was trained by a Native American Grandmother, who came to our South African Shores ten years ago. I now hold Retreats for students in this practice. These Teachings and Ceremonies are life changing and are deeply transformative in personal and collective capacities.

I come humbly and lovingly in Service, with all that I am, for the greater good of all, in as many ways as I can… whilst still stumbling and falling. I remain teachable and open.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin.

For all my Relations.

Gordon Aeschliman

EagleHeart PeaceWalker

My Journey over the decades has taken me through more than 45 countries where my heart has been drawn into the human dilemma of our combined beauty and our brokenness.  In war zones, refugee camps, rainforests, deserts and ocean depths I have witnessed the best that we do to each other and this world, and the worst that we do.  My Soul has always been drawn to the “least of these among us”.  I believe we undervalue the possibility of being Graceful, Strong, Kind and Resolute people in a world that cries out for Love and Meaning.

I have just reached that 65 year marker.  I am blessed with four wonderful children, eight magical grandkiddies, a beautiful Soul Partner, abundant friends and family and a heart that is overflowing in gratitude.  I’ve been trained by Running Deer and Morning Dew, through the Veil, to carry the Peace Pipe, I’ve walked with Jaguar for almost 60 years, have been mentored by human angels who have called out a profound demand on my soul.  I have written way too many words and walked too many detours 😊 

And now the work ahead of me is to live into the content of my Medicine Name: EagleHeart PeaceWalker.  And to invite others to walk alongside.

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