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The Beauty Way

Our vision and mission is to create as much beauty as we can, within and without, wherever we are, with the gift of our life force and energy.

We all walk this earth with the Invitation to Embody Love in its Beautiful and Abundant expressions.  This Beauty Way Path calls us to be a Community of people who choose to dwell inside all the Light and Shadow that make up our world today.  To Be Grace, Kindness, Faith, Hope and Healer to all we meet along the way.  We are One Community: all who live inside the earth, upon it, above it, and all who live beyond time, beyond this blue planet.


Hozho House

We have crafted a Spiritual Oasis for you in our beautiful Retreat space in the Klein Karoo, in the Western Cape, South Africa, whereby you can gain the tools and understanding to further assist you on your spiritual journey ahead.


Since stepping upon this Good Red Road, with the introduction of Ceremonial practices, our lives have been transformed immensely, including that of our communities.

Ceremonies that we offer include:

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