Rite of Passage Ceremony

Celebrating our huge transitional markers in our lives is incredibly important, especially amongst our young ones, but equally honouring amongst our elders.

Since urbanization, industrialization, 9- 5 paradigm of survival, moving from our simple village life over generations, we have forgotten these truly valuable Sacred Rites.

We have replaced these markers with materialism, rather than Ceremony and honouring.

The old indigenous ways remind us to come back to this vitally important honouring. We are remembering now what was lacking and amiss in our lives at these pivotal times. These Ceremonies are re-igniting within our culture again, and are portals of growth that hold a lot of value when embarking upon new cycles.

For my 50th CRONE Ceremony I really wanted to honor myself for the five decades of life lived; all the trials and tribulations, all the travelling and growing, all the relationships, becoming a Mother and Wife, and Teacher, becoming a CRONE; all of it leading to this very special Marker upon my Journey. It was a beautiful creation of reverence and honoring, plus dancing and celebration., remembering that we embody all attributes and cycles of the Sacred Hoop of Life!

I have facilitated coming of age Ceremonies for both girls and boys, incorporating honouring sharing circles, Sweat Lodge ceremony, and other additional components according to the desires of the guardians and the young adults, and the group.

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