Gracie Gardens

Food Security for Our Vulnerable Neighbours

One Garden . One Table . One Community

Community Love Under the Sun

We launched Gracie Gardens in 2015 to provide healthy organic vegetables to the most vulnerable children and elderly of Hout Bay living in shacks across the street from us.  As many as 15,000 people there live below the national Bread Line, the most dire measure of poverty in South Africa.

We began by simply planting six bean seeds. 

And now, today, Gracie Gardens donates over one tonne of fresh organic veggies every week to 28 community food kitchens in Hout Bay. 

It’s a miracle of people working together.  People who believe if one of us is hungry, we are all hungry.  Volunteers, donors and local Mamas cooking up a healthy pot of love from our organic gardens.

Our Newest Community Garden Project

Our newest Gracie Gardens are being planted in Smitsville, a community in the Klein Karoo.  This semi desert community was created during the Apartheid era, a crazy time when people who were not white were stuffed out of sight, literally forced out of their ancestral homes into barren landscapes. 

We are working with this local community to plant Family Food Gardens.  We provide all the seeds, seedlings, compost and mentoring.  The families do all the work of planting and tending their beautiful little food gardens.  We hope that one day every home in Smitsville will enjoy the pleasure of growing their own healthy organic vegetables, restoring a sense of dignity, pride, health and joy.  In September of 2022 we planted the first 86 Family Food Gardens.

We would be so grateful if you would support Gracie Gardens.  Every bit helps!  And everyone can join us!  To donate, simply click on this link.  You can donate here with your Credit Card or with PayPal:

If you can consider a monthly contribution to help us ensure food for all of our vulnerable neighbours, we would appreciate your generosity. 

For only $12 / €12 per month you can fully support one Family Food Garden for the year.  Thank you so much.  And if you are able to support more than one Family Food Garden each month, that would be wonderful😊

At the end of the day, what we do for our most vulnerable neighbours defines the content of our hearts, doesn’t it?

One Love!

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