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Since stepping upon this Good Red Road, with the introduction of Ceremonial practices, our lives have been transformed immensely, including that of our communities. Ceremonies are truly powerful gatherings, where all are loved, supported and safe, and gather together in union and communion.

It is all about creating a safe container, where all are welcome, and all of you is welcome; where everyone is treated as an equal, no matter ethnicity, culture or religion, not one above another. This extends to and includes all of the blessed kingdoms that support us on a daily basis; mineral kingdoms, plant kingdoms, animal kingdoms, Spirit realms and Ancestors are all within the Sacred Hoop of Life.

We come together to “remember” these vital relationships within the seen and unseen realms. To remind ourselves to come into gratitude on a daily basis for the beauty that surrounds and sustains us. To remember our Ancestors that live in our blood, and the Ancestors that have lived and walked on the lands we occupy.

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