Sacred Vision Couples Retreat

For Couples who Together are Offering their Unique HeartPrint to the World

Thursday 19th October – Sunday 22nd October 2023

Over the past 13 years we (Michelle and Gordon) have been on an amazing journey together, co-creating Love in this world.  We would never have predicted all the magic, struggle, manifestations, grace, birth and death that lay ahead.  We feel truly privileged to be on this path.  From building Hobbit Houses and Geodesic Domes, birthing Avalon Village, to creating Love In A Bowl, Sacred Ibis and the Native American Shamanic training course, we have now settled into our co-creation of The Beauty Way at HoZho House.  There have been profound life lessons along the way of what it means to be a couple that shares a sacred vision for this world. 

We have created the  SACRED VISION Couples Retreat  for couples who together serve up their Sacred best to Community through their combined vision, gifts and personalities. For couples who believe that together they can offer the Sacraments of Beauty, Healing and Love to all our relations, and to go through the deep transformational work the accompanies the Journey.

On this retreat couples will be able to explore what their togetherness means to this world.  What shape it tends to take, what purpose and contribution they have that sets them apart, that defines them.  All of us, as couples, have the privilege of living out the full expression of who we are meant to be in Service.  There is no perfect couple, no perfect expression.  Just as in the diverse beauty of creation, all our different contributions together make this world the Grace Filled place that it can be.

We know that the visionary couple’s journey is both magical and demanding.  We all need times of reflection, retreat, play and refocus.  We need friends on this path to walk alongside us, encourage us, inspire us, prod us, mentor us.  We need friends to help us Remember who we are.

This retreat will work with couples to trace the unique steps they have travelled so far, to take stock of where they sit together in this moment, and to dream together of what it means to walk their medicine of Service together into the future.  Through facilitated group exercises, art process, intimate conversations, sweat lodge, nature immersions and play, couples will craft the Sacred Vision Board of their unique calling.  As a group we’ll cap the weekend with a Ceremony to offer back our Blessing and Prayers and Faith to each couple’s journey and vision of serving together.   And we’ll Celebrate with Music, Dance and Love Medicine.

The SACRED VISION Couples Retreat is exclusive to only four couples, with enough intimacy space combined with plenty of breathing space.

Our journey together will be an immersion and will call upon the elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, and all the fullness of the Sacred Hoop of Life.  All of these are so necessary in order to live from our centers to our fullest and best potentials, with each other and for each other and in service to the world.

Everything we embark on, we will do consciously, with strong Intent on why we are coming together as couples in the first place.

What do you fly away with?

  • The Sacred Love Principles
  • Clear Vision of the Path and Gifts that have brought you to this Moment
  • Sacred Awe and Inspiration for what Calls into the Future
  • A Rejuvenated Self and Relationship with your Beloved in this Love Co-Creation
  • Practical Teachings and Tips
  • Fresh Dream Goals to work Toward
  • Transformation
  • A New and Exciting way Forward on an Old Journey.


Maximum number of couples is FOUR.

Date: Thursday 19th October – Sunday 22nd October 2023 2pm

All food is supplied and is high vibrational vegetarian and vegan.

Teas/coffees/spring water and fruit is supplied throughout the weekend, as well as champagne on our Delicious Dinner Delight and Dance evening.

Couples will show off their skills, by making their best meals together, as well as co-creating with other couples to make meals and clean up.

A lot of Alchemy and magic can happen in the Kitchen!


Thursday 19th

Please arrive on time at 12pm

LUNCH prepared for you

Check in Circle

Sweat Lodge Ceremony for Cleansing and Setting Intention



Friday 20th


Shared Sacred Journeys Workshop I


Shared Sacred Journeys Workshop II



Saturday 21st


A Story of Transforming LOVE (PowerPoint)

Sacred LOVE Principles


Vision Board Crafting


Presentations to Team

Sunday 22nd


LABYRINTH Pilgrimage

Closing Circle


What to bring


Sarong or Costume for sweat Lodge and swimming

Swimming Towel

Mozzie Repellent

Craft items for Vision Board—beads, shells, threads, pix, etc


R9 500 per couple staying indoors

R7 500 per couple in cabins

What is included in the cost:

Facilitation by Michelle Reid and Gordon Aeschliman

All Ceremonies and Workshops

Love Medicine

Accommodation Indoors and Cabins

All Meals

A Transformational Weekend

We look forward to hosting you at HozHo House!

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