Soul Quest Series

A Medley of Transformational Retreats for Sisters and Brothers

Soul Quest One
3rd – 6th November

The Soul Quest Series is an ongoing Journey of 4-day Immersion retreats, each standing alone.  Participants may attend just one or progress through several over time, moving ever deeper into the Infinite Invitation.  Each Retreat is limited to nine participants.

This Series is an Call to Expansion, to place Sacred Demand upon our Soul’s Journey, and to Anchor infinite GRACE deep inside our Hearts.  An Invitation to say YES to the Profound Privilege of being an Audacious Embodiment of LOVE in our beautiful, broken world today.

Whether or not we engage the Miracle of it, our lives sit inside a multiverse immeasurable in both dimension and spirit.  All that Is and all that Is Not serve up the coordinates of Promise and Possibility as we find our place under a thousand million suns.  We exist in the Extravagant Mystery of this infinite moment.  Nothing Less.

In this first Soul Quest journey together:

  • We’ll begin to map the coordinates of our Soul’s Pilgrimage over the centuries and through the galaxies, gathering the strands that define our unique SoulPrint
  • We’ll journey with Jaguar, connecting to this Guardian of Fire and Courage
  • We’ll step through the Veil to engage our Teacher Ancestors.  I’ll introduce my ancestors Running Deer and Morning Dew who invite Deep Transformation
  • We’ll begin to craft our personal Journey Staff, a sacred tool for this ongoing Soul Quest.

Equal Exchange

This first 4-day retreat in the Soul Quest journey is priced at R3850.  This includes 3 nights lodging, 9 healthy vegetarian meals, my full facilitation of the sessions with support of My Lovely Michelle, and group zoom conversations/consultations for the two months post retreat. Participants will gather or purchase the raw materials that will be crafted into their personal Journey Staff. 

You have the pledge of my highest self and I request the same from you.

To register, or for questions, please reach out to me at


EagleHeart PeaceWalker

The SOUL QUEST SERIES invites expansion into infinite realms:

We’ll brush our skin across ancestral fires, wet our lips in ancient pools where whales sing forgotten stories.  We’ll roam with Jaguar in the jungle of our existence as day turns to night, and we’ll dance with Snake to shed all that does not serve.

Our Souls will drink from a Well that knows no Depth or Description.  We’ll pass back and forth through the Veil to Break Bread with those who walked this earth eons before, and with those whose feet have never touched the ground.

We’ll gaze directly into the Juvenile Construct that dumbs down our souls, that narrows our universe to empty polarities, that feeds off fear and vulnerability, and that yields our agency to the impulses of a stunted ego.

In all of this we’ll plant our Souls firmly in the mess and muck and mystery that make up our collective human story.  Courage, Kindness, Wisdom and Joy will be our companions as we walk each other Home.

The Soul Quest Series is designed to fold into the normal routines of our daily lives.  It’s not an academic seminar that sits on the shelf between retreats.  It holds the potential of being a life transforming elixir that redefines, redirects and reintegrates the full content of who we are into the expanse of this infinite moment. Participants will engage their hearts in the audacity of what it means to live the depth of their Soul’s invitation.


The Immersion Retreats are held at the peaceful Hozho House in Barrydale.  Hozho is the Beauty Way, a place that my Soul Mate Michelle and I have co-created.  We live here and we host folk who wish to Journey with us.

Accommodation ranges from rustic outbuildings to ensuite rooms inside the main house.  We make and share meals together at the Elders’ Table.  Several break-out areas provide a welcome setting to Journey together and to sit alone in Sacred Silence. 

Learning Lenses

Over the series of retreats our Soul Quest will engage different lenses.  We’ll continually loop back and pull forward.  It is not a linear process.  The Journey will engage multiple dimensions:








SACRED TOOLS for the Journey


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