Tree Vision Quest

This is YOUR time in Nature, with the Nature Spirits!

Friday 9th February 2024 – Sunday 11th February 2024

Venue: The Beauty Way, Hout Bay (previously known as Sacred Ibis)

Beloved Ones,

Traditionally, Vision Quests take place in Nature, either on mountains, or close to rivers, or even buried in the Earth, and usually on your own, in solitude. There are many forms of Questing. Much preparation is required for these types of Quests, where some can last from three to eleven days.

I have created this “gentle” inner city farm space Tree Vision Quest for those who wish to step out of their busy lives, and connect with Mama Nature in Ceremony, and receive many teachings along the way. This is a great step towards questing on a mountaintop! A time in which to Seek Vision for yourself and your life, your family, your Community and our Sacred Mother Earth.

I received this VISION  directly from the Tree Being, who is known as “The One Who Holds Many.” It calle to me to be in Communion and Union with us all.  It has a great Spirit and Generous Energy. It has called countless Ceremonies together with many different Tribes. There exists a strong Vortex of energy surrounding this Mother Being…come, slow down, and rest alongside her.

“Every aspect of life and every state of Awareness is accessible to those who seek the Serenity of Silence,” Sacred Path Teachings.

Tree Beings are Ancient Spirits Co-Creating our world with us, just as the Mountains are our Ancient Ancestors and the Stone People our Record Keepers.

The Ancient Symbol of the Tree Archetype has been found to represent physical and spiritual nourishment, transformation and liberation, union and fertility. They are seen as powerful symbols of growth and resurrection. In many of folk religions, trees are said to be homes of Spirits.

The World Tree, with its branches reaching up into the sky, and roots deep into the earth, can be seen to dwell in three worlds – a link between Heaven, the Earth, and the Underworld, uniting above and below.

This great tree acts as an Axis Mundi, supporting or holding up the Cosmos, and providing a link between the Heavens, Earth, and Underworld. In European mythology, the best-known example is the tree Yggdrasil from Norse mythology.

In both India and Sri Lanka, Buddhists venerate the Bodhi Tree of Bodh Gaya. It is said to have protected Gautama Buddha when he was meditating to attain enlightenment. The Bodhi Tree symbolises enlightenment and wisdom and people may continue to meditate under it in order to obtain Buddhahood

The Shamans Tree, the Axis mundi (immovable central pole) is the primary gateway to worlds beyond this physical dimension. This has been an intrinsic symbol in shamanic lore and journeying from ancient times.

The Shaman is known for having their feet rooted into the earth and their head in the Cosmos. They are able to move between the worlds within a frame of stability… like the Tree itself with its deep roots and branches reaching to the skies.

The Tree represents the central interconnections of the Earth, humans and non-ordinary reality within Great Mystery (all that is). This tree interconnects all worlds within the element of Fire (sun) Air (oxygen) Earth (seed) and Water (moisture). All of these elements make up the tree in full growth.

We will form a Sacred Circle Surrounding our Ancestor Brazilian Pepper Tree, The One Who Holds Many


This is a SILENT QUEST of FASTING for Saturday, and half day Sunday.


This Includes:

* Camping Accommodation
* Sweat Lodge Ceremony
* Vegan Soup, Fruit and Bread after Lodge on Friday Night
* Teachings throughout weekend
* Medicine Song Circle
* Fire Ceremony
* Pipe Ceremony
* FEAST on Sunday


Further Protocols and Preparation will be emailed directly to you.

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